Painting is something I came to fairly recently, within the last decade. I used to draw as a child, but hadn’t expressed myself in that way in years. So, one day, I found a starter kit for acrylics on sale at the art store near my work, and started. The first piece I did was an image of a gravestone angel that I wanted to put at the head of my bed. I figured rather than enlarge it and frame it, I would just paint it myself. That was the start of the monochromatic pieces, images taken from black and white photography, but rendered all in tones of a colour.

The abstracts came later, as experiments in colour and texture, using media and tools that intrigued me in the art store. I like playing with the thickness of the heavy gel medium, the way it moves and holds shape and contrasting it with the sharpness of the straight lines.

The comic pieces were really just a lark for me. I have a life long love of comics and superheroes, and rendering comic illustrations in paint, taught me a lot about colour and how to use paint. I haven’t done many of them, because they’re impossible to show, since the copyright for the characters belongs to the comic companies, but two of the three that are in the gallery are hanging prominently in my home.

You can see samples in the Flickr section of the sidebar and click through to see more.