Carrie Fisher Quotes

In honour of her forthcoming memoir, Wishful Drinking. She’s one of my favourite writers, with an amazing gift for words

“But I figure if I had to give up everything I put between me and my feelings, I’d stand at the centre of my being and howl like a lonely old dog”
Postcards from the Edge

“Sometimes I’m not sure I have any friends. I may just have a large group of people that I tell everything to. It’s like I’ve made intimacy a superficial gesture.”
Postcards from the Edge

“Cora basically didn’t believe in her ability to have a relationship. She doubted that she had the appropriate disposition or capacity to boil it down to something even approaching a learnable skill. She would have felt more optimistic if she’d even had the sense that she could fake it.”
Delusions of Grandma

“If my life wasn’t funny, then it’d just be true, and that would be totally unacceptable.”
The Best Awful

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