Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins

Just finished the second book in the Hunger Games trilogy, Catching Fire. A most worthy follow-up. Collins finds a story that is a logical follow-up to her original novel, but manages to add new wrinkles and tell a plausible, and pretty thrilling continuation of the story. The ending came as a genuine surprise to me, though once I got there, I realized it was the only direction things could have gone, which, I think is a hallmark of a well told story. You know, that feeling that everything makes perfect sense based on what you’ve read. On top of that, she leaves the door wide open for the third book, Mockingjay (which I dove right into as soon as finished CF).

Still more Team Gale/Team Peeta stuff, but she’s managing to keep me guessing as to which way Katniss will go.

Another very good read and well worth the time. Katniss is fascinating, well rounded character: resourceful, brave and determined at times, and yet obtuse about many things and full of believable flaws. Collins keeps her on the right side of being utterly annoying, and yet, the character feels rounded and interesting to read.

Can’t wait to see how the trilogy plays out.

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12 years ago

There’s an interesting series of essays you should read following the third novel… called The Girl who Caught Fire I think.