Just finished re-watching the series last night. Sometimes I just need to take it out and immerse myself in it again, like reading one of my favourite books again.

I am the first to admit that I had no love for this show when it actually aired. If I had been a Nielsen rating family, I would’ve had a direct hand in its demise. And that is partially at the hands of the network for ditching the original pilot and going with The Train Job as the introduction to the show. Now, TTJ is a great episode, once you know the universe you’re in. But, at the time, it left me cold.

It wasn’t until several years ago when Space was running a marathon on a three day weekend that I curled up and actually watched episodes of the series and fell in love.

It’s such a distinct, specific universe, and the cast were fantastic together. I have said many times how I am a sucker for stories that revolve around an invented family, a group of people that come together and bond as a unit. Firefly is one of the best examples of this and Joss Whedon does it well. There are great ideas in the series and it’s a joy for me to sit and immerse myself in that world again.

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