Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins

Finished the last Hunger Games book this week. Had derailed on reading a bit and it sat there a while, through no fault of the book itself.

This is a worthy end to this trilogy, taking Katniss’ story in a new direction, showing her struggle in a new light, shifting the face of her enemies, bringing her full circle in a way. And, surprisingly for a YA novel, not without a brutal cost. Throughout these books, I’ve been impressed by the darkness and hard edges. This story believes that young adults are capable of handling these issues and themes without any condescension on the part of the author.

Even the resolution of the love triangle is bittersweet, feeling not like Edward/Bella drivel, but like two characters emerging from the dark and trying to figure out how to go on.

There are plenty of gripping twists and action, as well as a worthy and believable continuation of a fascinating main character with depth and flaws.

I highly recommend these books.

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