I have been distinctly neglectful of my site and my writing in general. To be honest, I sat down and took stock of all that had happened to me in the last decade and then some, and realized that there had been a lot of intense living going on during that time. Between starting a new life in Toronto, having cancer, losing my career and my mother within months; and then writing two books, I needed some down time.

I wasn’t producing any work of any kind, either writing or painting. I had an aborted start at a new novel, but the progress soon fizzled.

But, the muse always comes back eventually. Some ideas for the two novels I have complete (if desperate for revision) novels I have sitting on my hard drive (Soul’s Blood and Gatecrasher) came to the fore and I’m now eager to put some effort into beating them into shape.

Stay tuned. First chapter of Soul’s Blood is coming soon as a little amuse bouche for what’s to come.

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