Where You Lead, I Will Follow

Gilmore Girls was recently added to U.S. Netflix, and it has been getting a great deal of press in the last week or so. It’s great to see one of my favourite shows recognized. There was even a piece on Wired today, talking about how the show is one that cries out to be binge-watched. Which is true. I’m doing it myself again, on DVD. I bought them all at one point when they were on sale at HMV. I had started about a year or two ago, but lost the thread and, since it had been so long, I had to start over.

If you haven’t watched it, do. It’s one of the best written, best acted shows to come out in the the last fifteen years. Characters you fall in love with, dialogue that crackles with life and pop culture references; practically demanding that you pay attention and even then, requiring more than one viewing to catch it all.

It’s nice to pop into Stars Hollow again for a nice, extended, 7 season visit.

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