A Congress of Ships (Book 3 of the Maverick Heart Cycle)

In a desolate system on the outer edge of Pan Galactum, the skin of the universe has ruptured, tearing open a portal to an alternate reality. Witnessed only by the sentient science vessel N’Dea, a massive, battered ship falls through, housing a community of refugees fleeing an enemy that has pursued them across the cold reaches of space for decades.
But have they come alone?
Summoned by N’Dea while en route from a reunion with dear friends on the Galactum’s capital, the mystery is a lure that fellow Artificial Sentience, the Maverick Heart, cannot resist. It’s now up to Vrick, along with humans Keene, Lexa-Blue and Ember, and allies old and new, to come to the aid of this ship of lost souls. Together they must find a way to seal the breach for good, before a ravening hunger can spill through and rip the Galactum apart.

* * *

“Stephen Graham King’s Maverick Heart Cycle is the queer Firefly-meets-Killjoys series I always wanted, with the added bonus of his seemingly effortless world-building, clever plots, and themes of chosen family and “no one left behind” that bring me back every time. Trust me: go get squishy.”
—Nathan Burgoine, author of Light and Exit Plans for Teenage Freaks

“Stephen Graham King is a master builder of worlds, from the organic to the technical, and he fills them with wonderfully complex characters who just have that cool factor. The entire series is a must-read.”
—Cait Gordon, author of Life in the ‘Cosm and The Stealth Lovers.

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