Ghost Light Burn (Book 4 of the Maverick Heart Cycle)

As the Gate Project expands, building stable, artificial wormholes in orbit around ever more worlds in the Pan Galactum, its hunger for construction materials grows exponentially. But the discovery of the dead binary planets, Sound and Fury, may finally sate the project’s hunger ten times over.
In the shadow of massive, shattered Fury comes an interstellar travelling theatre, bringing with it an old friend of the Maverick Heart crew. One with a nose for trouble who soon discovers a conspiracy of embezzlement, greed, and corporate apathy too deep to investigate alone.
When Ember receives the call for help, it is a mystery too enticing for him, Keene, Lexa-Blue, and Vrick to pass up. One that will take all their skills to unravel before time runs out and the whole system burns.

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