Just Breathe: My Journey Through Cancer and Back.

I’m also a survivor of metastatic synovial sarcoma. The only other person I know of who had it was Robert Urich and he died of it. I only had about a ten percent chance of surviving. But after radiation, chemo and six major surgeries (I lost my left knee and a big part of my left quad muscle, femur and tibia, and half of my left lung) and lots of rehab, I’m still here.

Just Breathe will always be something I’m most proud of. It evolved from me writing my way through my experience with cancer: the radiation and chemo, the surgeries and physiotherapy to relearn something as simple as walking.

Being thrown into something so terrifying and alien, I did the thing that was most familiar to me: I wrote. I described the places and the people, the sensations and reactions. Sometimes it was just scribbling in a journal. Sometimes it was wedging myself into my desk with my splinted leg and making a conscious effort to write about what was happening.

Writing about the experience allowed me to pry it open and see inside, to understand as much as I could. And the true blessing of it has been that the book also touched and helped some other people in the same or similar situations.

Praise for Just Breathe:

“This is a moving, hearfelt story, full of courage and quiet grace”
– Heather Reisman, CEO, Indigo Books and Music

“Brilliantly told, compelling, heartfelt and beautiful. Just Breathe is a powerful read.”
– Robert J. Sawyer, author of Calculating God

“This is a book written from the heart – a gallant heart full of courage, hope and the love of life. It provides uncommon insight into what, unfortunately, is an all too common experience. Stephen Graham King’s account of his life as a cancer patient is, like the man himself, honest and compassionate.”
– Suzanne North, author of Bones to Pick

“Stephen Graham King writes in a way that transcends the traditional reader-writer relationship. You don’t read this book so much as you stand beside the author, his arm around your shoulder, as he lets you in on the intimate thoughts, feelings and emotions he experienced through his trials. His words are honest, touching, poignant and heartfelt. The come alive like a dear friend sharing his story across a coffee shop table.”
– Mark Leslie, Author of One Hand Screaming

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