Gatecrasher (Book 2 of The Maverick Heart Cycle)

The Maverick Heart is bored. That is until ey discovers a top team of engineers and scientists in a barren, backwater system has created a stable, artificial wormhole called the Gate, an advance that will revolutionize interstellar travel forever. Breaching the wall of secrecy around this radical new technology is a temptation too sweet for em and es human partners, Keene and Lexa-Blue to resist.
Elswhere, Ember Avanti is a thief, with the highest of high tech toys in his arsenal. And he’s damned good at it, too.  But, sooner or later, every thief chooses the wrong mark. When he targets Quintaine DiaStellar, he soon learns the corporation will stop at nothing to make the Gate its own.
Ember’s team and the Maverick Heart crew must unite in a desperate attempt to stop the most vicious act of industrial espionage in the history of the Pan Galactum.

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